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About Us

Decades of experience serving a wide range of industries and business sizes is why we know and believe that advisory accounting requires strong relationships.

Harbourside takes a strategic approach to your financial planning objectives, allowing us to develop comprehensive, practice and accessible tax, accounting and assurance advice tailored to your financial goals.

Areas of Expertise


Developing innovative tax planning solutions is a unique challenge that requires years of experience, knowledge and understanding of the short and long term impacts on both your business and personal finances.


We know how overwhelming running a small business is – because we have been there. As entrepreneurs ourselves we understand how sound financial planning and advice can free you up to look ahead to the next smart move.


Building a strong relationship means having a holistic approach focused on providing you with compilation and assurance services that all you to make more informed and sound business decisions.


Our approach to assurance and audit emphasizes an in-depth knowledge of your business and prevailing conditions in the industry. This insight enables us to focus on the important issues and enables you to count on us to deliver on time, and ensure that your audit is as pleasant an experience as an audit can be.

Our Clients

Experienced, Passionate & Progressive Accountants

Providing business owners and entrepreneurs with expert assurance services, advisory accounting and taxation advice is not only what we do best – it’s what we love. We believe in working to build authentic relationships with our clients, and by doing this, we provide them with a comfortable sounding board for financial advice from an advisor who truly understands their business, inside and out.

We’re also progressive – we’ve integrated emerging technology and processes into our workplace, meaning a more seamless client experience. We work in the cloud, reducing turnaround times and making us available when you need us, where you need us.

Meet Our Partners

Sean Akeroyd, CPA CA
Con Buckley, CPA, CA
Geoff Dodds, CPA, CA
Mickey Goldstein, CPA,CA
Cara Pavlakovic, CPA, CA

Harbourside has helped me personally, corporately and with our clients accounting needs. Simply put they have been great! The amount of time they take to make sure that filings are done correctly is impressive. What sets them apart is the time they spend tax planning for the future and not just reacting to last years return. I highly recommend them and appreciate all the help they have given us and our clients.



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