Building Plans to Achieve Your Financial Goals

The construction industry is varied, with many sub-trades and specialties. We have experience working within the construction industry, and can help you understand accounting for statutory holdbacks, and ensure you aren’t paying PST when you don’t have to.

Knowing the complexities of working with developers, we’ll create solutions aligned with your goals. From advising on cashflow and financial projections to helping create organizational structures that protect from liability, we are well versed in project financing and know what your creditors want to see.

Your business faces unique challenges. We can help you manage your reporting requirements and tax filing responsibilities to build a strong foundation for financial growth.

Passionate, Progressive Accountants

At Harbourside Chartered Professional Accountants, we understand that your business and financial goals are unique. While we’re experienced in providing taxation and advisory services for the BC construction industry, what we’re most passionate about is creating unique solutions tailored to you. Reach out to us – we’ll provide a consultation to help you start realizing your goals. 

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