Serving Your Industry’s Needs

From budding new entrepreneurs to established operations, we’re experienced in providing accounting solutions to the fast-paced hospitality industry. We can help hospitality clients understand their full cashflow cycle, profitability and providing insight into their inventory management. Most importantly, we’ll relieve your financial concerns, allowing you to focus on what matters most – your guests.

We can help you set up accounting systems, preparing you for tax compliance in both corporate taxes and GST requirements. Working one-on-one with you and your team, we’ll help you understand your tax compliance requirements and financial position so that you understand where you stand compared to industry benchmarks, allowing you to set realistic and achievable financial goals.




Passionate, Progressive Accountants

At Harbourside Chartered Professional Accountants, we understand that your business and financial goals are unique. While we’re experienced in providing taxation and advisory services for the hospitality industry, what we’re most passionate about is creating unique solutions tailored to you. Reach out to us – we’ll provide a consultation to help you start realizing your goals.   

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