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With Your Best Interest In Mind

The real estate market in British Columbia is one of the biggest drivers of our region’s economy. With constant changes, it can be exciting, complex, and even risky. With constantly changing tax rules and incentives, we understand that our real estate clients require accountants that are experienced in advising this fast-paced industry. Living and working in BC, we keep our finger on the pulse of the Greater Vancouver real estate market, and we’re experienced in helping our real estate clients meet their financial goals.

From real estate agents to property owners, we’ve got the experience to help advise you on accounting matters from one-off questions to complex tax structures. We understand the specific rules and professional regulations around incorporation as a Professional Real Estate Corporation, and can help advise if incorporating makes financial sense for you. From maximizing your tax efficiency by maximizing permitted deductions to helping you smooth personal income year to year, we’re experienced in helping you respond to market forecasts pro-actively, not reactively.

Passionate, Progressive Accountants

At Harbourside Chartered Professional Accountants, we understand that your business and financial goals are unique. While we’re experienced in providing taxation and advisory services for the BC real estate industry, what we’re most passionate about is creating unique solutions tailored to you. Reach out to us – we’ll provide a consultation to help you start realizing your goals.   

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