Tech and Start-Ups

Accounting in the Cloud

There’s nothing more thrilling than taking a great idea, and watching it grow into a flourishing business. We understand how to structure start-ups, assisting with capital raising process by ensuring your books and records are complete. We’ll spot opportunities when you’re suitable for government grants and subsidies, such as IRAP, SDTC, SRED, and BC Venture tax credits.

Partner with accountants who believe in your success and understand the tax implications of bringing in new capital. As a Canadian Controlled Private Corporation, we can help monitor your ability to meet the criteria for incentives such as the Small Business Deduction, Capital Gains Exemption, Enhanced and Refundable SRED tax credits. We can also help you understand the tax implications of providing stock based compensation 

Schedule a consultation with us to see how we can help guide your idea through growth and investment. With our industry knowledge, we’re prepared to advise on your capitalization tables, to allocate equity amongst founders and ensure the share structure is ready for future investors. We know when we’ve seen something truly unique; utilizing our unique industry connections, we’d love to make introductions to industry investors within our networks.

Passionate, Progressive Accountants

At Harbourside Chartered Professional Accountants, we understand that your business and financial goals are unique. While we’re experienced in providing taxation and advisory services for the tech and start-up industry, what we’re most passionate about is creating unique solutions tailored to you. Reach out to us – we’ll provide a consultation to help you start realizing your goals. 

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